Pound of My Flesh


Rihanna - Birthday Cake (E-603 Remix)

writing reviews…

So i haven’t really tried to sit down & write reviews. i’m bothered. i read reviews from pitchfork & i’m floored by their brilliance & eloquent style. i’m just a guy that loves music, & i want to share that love with ppl, from experiences & from pop culture references, something we can all relate to on some level. i want to encourage ppl to see a live band. do i really have to be so abstract to remove myself from these experiences? do you feel it’s absolutely necessary that i talk about alexis krauss’ eating habits?

i think i’m just going to try doing this blog the way i see fit, if you really dislike it, go ahead & unfollow, i will try not to lose any sleep over it; oh but for the love of god if you like my blog, you know, like it & reblog, cause that would be super cool of you. thanks guys.

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